BYGD WNMU080608 Double sided hexagonal heavy-duty milling insert, 90 °, matched with WFWN MFWN900, WNMU hard alloy insert

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Cutting Edge Length: Aluminum copper
Ships From: CHINA
Dimensions: 10PCS (1box)

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BYGD WNMU080608 Double sided hexagonal heavy-duty milling insert, 90 °, matched with WFWN MFWN900, WNMU hard alloy insert
BYGD WNMU080608 Double sided hexagonal heavy-duty milling insert, 90 °, matched with WFWN MFWN900, WNMU hard alloy insert
Regular price $46.60 USD


Brand Name: BYGD

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: WNMU080608

Certification: CE

Product size and model table

Product Name: WNMU080608 Rapid feed heavy cutting insertion

Model: WNMU080608

Blade angle: R 0.8

Material: Hard alloy

Matching product: MFWN900 end face milling headHigh hardness steel parts,
quenched steel,
stainless steel,

gear steel, bearing steel,
titanium alloy,
mold steel, etc
Castings such as pig iron,
gray cast iron,

spherical cast iron,
white cast iron,
malleable cast iron, etc
304 stainless steel,
316 stainless steel,
A3 steel,

P20 pre hardened steel,
718 hard steel, etc

Special for stainless steel45 # steel, A3 steel, 40CR,
42CRMO, spring steel,
mold steel, etc.

Common steel partsAluminum parts,
copper parts,

aluminum alloys, wood,
acrylic, mild steel, etc

Non ferrous metal materialsWNMU080608 Rapid feed heavy cutting insertionSelected high-quality raw materials

High hardness and impact resistance

The product uses ultrafine hard alloy raw materials

Fine grinding, high-temperature sintering,

Strong overall impact resistance,

Stable and efficient processingNew technological coating

High temperature resistance and oxidation resistance

Adopting new technology coatings,

Excellent wear resistance and crack resistance,

Thicker surface coating thickness

High temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance

Excellent antioxidant performanceDouble sided groove design

6 cutting edges can be machined

Double sided groove design with 6 cutting edges,

It can achieve full utilization of insertion,

Stable and long-lasting processing, with good surface processing quality

While improving processing efficiency,

Maximize cost savings.Heavy cutting, rapid feed

Can be processed in multiple ways

Heavy cutting, rapid feed

The maximum cutting amount can reach 4mm,

The maximum cutting depth can reach 8mm,

High cutting strength, low cutting resistance.

The main deflection angle is designed to be 90 °

Can meet the requirements of flat machining

Requirements for step processing and side processing

Cutting/slotting processing, profiling requirements, etc

Handling requirements for different aspectsEnterprise Introduction

BYGD is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the mold capital of China,

Is a modern enterprise integrating innovation, research and development, production, and sales.

We are based in Guangdong, facing China, and looking forward to the world.

Our aim is to ensure sales with superior quality and after-sales service with high-quality service.

Create the most cost-effective product to give back to customers.

BYGD - Choose because of quality, recognize because of service.Delivery process and after-sales

Shipping time:

After receiving the order you paid for, we promise to ship it to you within 3 working days and notify you through Express Express as soon as possible. Please follow our information. If you have any further questions, we will contact you through Express.

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"When you receive our product and it meets your expectations, please use your valuable time to give 5-star feedback. If you have other questions, please contact us in a timely manner, and we will provide you with the best solution in a timely manner.".

If you have any questions about this product, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will answer them online 24 hours a day.

About transportation

We cooperate with all logistics providers in China and will transport the packages according to the logistics you choose. The packages will arrive at the expected time. If the packages are lost, you will be compensated. (Note: Different periods may vary. Please refer to the actual situation announced by the logistics provider.)

Special circumstances can affect the delivery time.

Connection: What are the special circumstances?

BYGD: Including but not limited to: force majeure, customs inspection, policy adjustment, holidays, etcFQA Company

Connection: Where can I track order package information?

BYGD: You can view logistics tracking information on Aliexpress orders, or view package information through tracking numbers on or

Connection: Do you accept PayPal?

BYGD: Yes, we accept PayPal and Quicksell any content that leads to your presentation.

For example, credit card payment, bank card payment, QiWi, Visa, and other payment methods

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1. Regarding discounts, there are different activities at different times, and there may not be any activities at all. However, you can still try consulting AliExpress customer service to learn about current event offers.

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